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Wall Décor Set


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Make eye-catching wall art with our geometric inspired decor set and arrange them in your favourite pattern. Ideal for displaying plant collections and other knick-knacks, these modular pieces can be added to any wall that could use a little more love.

Don’t let us limit your imagination. These shelves and tiles can be purchased in any quantity or combination you desire. Send your order request to projects@chopvalue.com

Dimensions & Impact

Hexagon Tile

Hexagon Shelf


We harvest urban resources for our second life products,
which extends the duration of the carbon retained in the wood and bamboo material.

When recycled, processed and engineered,
our material is created for a new, durable lifetime in its second value added use.

Through our ambition of lean sourcing, manufacturing and distribution,
we ensure to maintain a low contribution to our own greenhouse gas emissions
to retain our current carbon negative status.