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Wall Décor Set

Make eye-catching wall art with our sustainable geometric-inspired decor set and arrange them in your favourite pattern. Ideal for displaying plant collections and other knick-knacks, these modular pieces can be added to any wall that could use a little more love.

Each piece is ready to be displayed with the help of 3M double sided permanent tape for easy installation.

[Set of 3]
Chopsticks recycled: 825 / Carbon storage: 1.15 kg

[Set of 6] 
Chopsticks recycled: 1725  / Carbon storage: 2.4 kg 

[Set of 9] 
Chopsticks recycled: 2400  / Carbon storage: 3.33 kg 

[Set of 15] 
Chopsticks recycled: 4125  / Carbon storage: 5.73 kg 



Don’t let us limit your imagination. These shelves and tiles can be purchased in any quantity or combination you desire. Send your order request to projects@chopvalue.com