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Built to order and ready to ship in 10-12 business days.

An essential piece of furniture doesn’t mean you need to choose something mundane. Add comfort to your work days by effortlessly transitioning from sitting to standing.

Our eco-friendly tabletop brings warm natural tones, while the simple frame matches harmoniously with a variety of spaces. It looks so good that you'll be too busy admiring the transformation of 10,854 chopsticks to notice the mess on your desk.

The electric base has 3 memory settings, and can be programmed to remind you to regularly change your posture.

Dimensions & Impact


We harvest urban resources for our second life products,
which extends the duration of the carbon retained in the wood and bamboo material.

When recycled, processed and engineered,
our material is created for a new, durable lifetime in its second value added use.

Through our ambition of lean sourcing, manufacturing and distribution,
we ensure to maintain a low contribution to our own greenhouse gas emissions
to retain our current carbon negative status.