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A letter from our team

“The strength of one is limited,
but against a pack, unstoppable.”

This Chinese proverb does not only apply to chopsticks, it also applies to
our team of young professionals. We wanted to take a moment to share that
our team is in positive spirits, working hard to continue to fulfill your orders for
a more sustainable lifestyle. Our Microfactory space has also been restructured
into a safe-distance work place.

We believe we are an essential business with a responsibility to our community and
environment. Although we are not health crisis experts, we want to remain committed
to our long term mission of making circular economy the norm.
Our production is
running un-interrupted and we continue to innovate with new products. We think it’s our time
to show our customers the value we can provide with local supply and manufacturing -
wherever you are.

We will continue what we do best: sustainable design with a story that helps you understand
carbon neutrality, using a tangible, viable business transforming millions of chopsticks into your
beautiful products. Difficult times call for innovation and even higher rates of material utilization,
and we hope it inspires you to rethink resource efficiency.

We are truly in this together.

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