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Production Lead (Toronto Niagara)

The Shop Production Lead or ‘Foreman/woman’ will work in collaboration with the Operations Coordinator to ensure that our orders are completed and delivered in a timely and efficient manner. This role involves leadership of the ChopValue precision woodshop (internally termed ‘Microfactory’), and is responsible for full oversight of our process; from tile production, through woodwork (internally termed ‘Remanufacture’) to the dispatch of finished products. 

This opening presents a unique opportunity for the professional growth of a driven and energized wood worker at ChopValue Toronto Niagara. We are a rapid growth, fast paced startup, with a global presence. With experience will come the opportunity for travel and to be a part of something much bigger.



  • Leads by example; ensures wood working practices are maintained at a high standard.
  • Interprets drawings and product specifications.
  • Plans and assigns daily tasks to the woodworking team.
  • Responsible for the quantity of product produced. 
  • Develops woodworking talent within the team; supports apprentices and wood workers alike to grow within their roles.
  • Adapts and uses lean manufacturing methodologies to eliminate waste and improve process efficiency.


  • Full understanding of all the ins and outs of production flow, including an advanced knowledge of each manufacturing station. 
  • Upkeep of equipment preventative maintenance.
  • Compliance with provincial and company safety guidelines. 
  • Compliance to company manufacturing processes.
  • Management of shop consumables.
  • Job quoting and estimates.
  • Experience of installations is an asset. 

Team Leadership:

  • Supervision of the shop team, with daily communications and task delegation.
  • Supervision of the afternoon shift lead, to ensure supervision standards are consistent through the shop's working hours. 
  • Manage employee performance including; attendance and performance reviews.
  • Recruitment of new team members.
  • Continue to build on team retention through the creation of a shop environment that holds individuals accountable and listens to feedback, offering growth through our ‘Crew Certification’ programme.
  • Daily management of records and performance indicators. 
  • Lead the continual improvement of shop practices.

This is a growth opportunity at the ChopValue Toronto East in a rapidly growing startup, that has a global presence. 


  • Red seal certification or equivalent in Joinery / cabinet making
  • Minimum 3 years experience in Supervision in a shop/manufacturing environment


  • Demonstrate team leadership competency through prior experiences. 
  • Demonstrate strong written and verbal communication.
  • A team player with strong listening skills; actively creates and executes on team goals.
  • Previous experience in startups, or lean manufacturing is an asset.

ChopValue’s pioneering manufacturing process gives bamboo chopsticks a second life by transforming this under utilized urban waste into beautiful, functional design products. Just as there is diversity in the types of chopsticks we collect, there is diversity in our design, production, and engineering teams. Our commonality lies in our authenticity, curiosity, and dedication to what we feel is a worthwhile endeavor, not just personally but also environmentally and socially. We are looking for enthusiastic people who share those qualities and can overcome whatever challenges they may encounter using reason, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. We might be small in size but, with the right people on our team, our impact can be massive. 

Please include your resume and cover letter to to let us know how your interests and experience align with ChopValue’s mission and values. 

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